Remember the days of recording a call, then downloading it, then uploading it, then saving it... somewhere?

Now its easy to share Jiminny recordings not only with your team - but to any email address. Send recordings outside of Jiminny in a flash with our new Export Portal. 

Send a recording outside of Jiminny

Find the recording in Playback and select Export to send a secure link of the call or meeting recording. 

If the Jiminny meeting was synced to a calendar event, we'll instantly populate the emails of all members who joined the meeting from an external domain (outside of your organization). 

You can type or copy+paste in as many emails as you'd like (just press enter in between). Add a note to provide context or to give a recap of the call. 

Notification of an Export

Anyone you send an export to will receive an email in their inbox, with your note and a secure link to the recording. 

Note:  If any email addresses are invalid, the export request will not be sent.

Export Portal View

There will be a "Listen Back" button in the email. Clicking that email will bring them to a portal which displays both the audio and screen share video recorded during the meeting. 

When you send an export, you'll get an email notification when the person clicks on the link to Listen Back.

Use Cases

  • Share the link with DM's and Stakeholders who couldn't make your scheduled meeting
  • Record a 1-2 minute new feature demo and share directly with your prospects to spark their interest in a conversation
  • Send important meetings and insights to consultants or contractors
  • Share with your personal email to remind yourself to listen to an important call
  • Send your call recordings to non-Jiminny users in your organization

Now the powerful insights captured during your recorded sales conversations can be shared with anyone. 

Happy sharing!

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