For customers using an older Web browser, a desktop App will need to be downloaded and installed to access the Web Conference.

The process is really simple but slightly different depending on the browser and operating system.

First Install

The App should automatically download. This should be accepted and installed on the computer. The exact instructions differ for each browser but guidance is given during the download, and repeated below for reference.


The "Downloads" button should be clicked to select the App. Double-clicking this will start the installation process. To install, simply drag-and-drop the Jiminny Conference icon into Applications. Clicking the "here" link will take you directly to the meeting.

Internet Explorer

Click "Run" to install and open the application.


Click "Save" and then "Run" to install and open the application.

Launching the Meeting

To continue to your meeting:

  • the instructions provide a link to "click here to join" or
  • the App should be launched and the room name provided

Download Links

The App should automatically download but the latest version can be obtained here:

Using the App

The App is a very similar experience to the Web version. In some cases, the meeting details will need to be provided. These are provided in the meeting invite.

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