By default, your conference room is pin-less. This makes it really simple for your guests to join. When you dial in by a telephone, we use your Caller ID to know you're the organizer and kick off the meeting.

Sometimes you'll need to use different phones to access your meeting, so your Caller ID might change. A good example of this would be a shared conference room.

If you need to start a meeting from a different phone, we recommend that you set a PIN on your conference. You'll then use this as an additional way to start your meeting.

Assign a PIN

You can set this in your profile:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right menu
  2. Navigate to Profile > Manage > Conference
  3. Under General, type your 4 digit PIN in the Conference PIN box
  4. Click the Update button

How does it work?

Setting your PIN will take effect immediately. Your guests don't need to do anything different to join the meeting. 

You can still dial from your registered phone numbers. If we detect that, you won't be prompted to enter your PIN. Otherwise, you'll hear a short prompt to dial the PIN on your dial-pad. If it matches, you'll join and start the meeting as normal.

Removing your PIN

To remove your PIN, just set the code to blank and click Update.

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