We totally understand you might have different requirements about how your conference invitations are formatted.

Whether you need to keep the tone in keeping with your company values, or just add some International numbers by default, we've got you covered.

Just let us know your requirements and this can be configured for you. Here's an example to get you started:

To join your meeting go to: https://jiminny.com/james

Meeting ID: james (please enter this ID if downloading the app)

Jiminny dial-in: (617) 219-9130 (United States)

International dial-in numbers:

020 3872 2225 (United Kingdom)
(437) 800-0340 (Canada)
(02) 6190 0777 (Australia)
02 493 0050 (Bulgaria)

If dialing in internationally please enter the following ID after dialing in: 1617-2199-129 then press #

Additional international numbers can be located once logged into the meeting or via:

Need a different template for your SDRs vs BDRs? No problem, just let us know which teams should get which template.

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