If you prefer to use a different meeting address to the jiminny.com domain, you can change this with two options.

Jiminny Managed

Jiminny can purchase and manage a new domain name of your choosing e.g. https://meetmycompany.com

There is nothing for your IT team to do, just choose the domain and we'll sort it.

Self Managed

If you prefer the domain to match your existing business address, your IT team can create a sub-domain e.g. https://meet.mycompany.com

Note: you cannot use a folder or path e.g. https://mycompany.com/meet

Setup Instructions

  1. Choose your domain and send it to us.
  2. We will send you instructions for adding a new CNAME record to your DNS provider (this is required for SSL support).
  3. Once the SSL certificate is approved, we will send you instructions to create an ALIAS record with a domain we will provide.
  4. For http://www.meet.mycompany.com support, your DNS provider will need to support static redirection to the https://meet.mycompany.com domain.

In either case, if your customer visits your meeting room they will be forwarded to the Jiminny domain:

https://meetmycompany.com/james redirects to https://app.jiminny.com/james

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