We are constantly thinking about new ways for teams to leverage the recorded calls and meetings we capture with Jiminny. 

As part of those efforts, we've created our new Playlist feature allowing you to visually organize, categorize, and share calls and clips. We're excited about the new functionality provided with Playlists - but we know change can be hard. 

To make the transition as smooth as possible, we've automatically migrated Likes & Tags into Playlists.  These can now easily be shared across the team.

  • Any call that you have previously "Liked" will be automatically populated in your personal Favorites Playlist
  • Any call that you've "Tagged" will be automatically added to a new Playlist with the "tag" as the Playlist title. Your Account Owner will need to share this Playlist with you to start.

Have a questions? Feel free to reach out to support@jiminny.com

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