With the Chrome extension, you can make outbound calls directly from Company or Contact pages within HubSpot on your browser.

If your organization has the dialer enabled, the Jiminny Chrome extension connects to your HubSpot account. This allows you to click to dial, send a text message, and log tasks directly into HubSpot.

Click to Dial

On Contact and Company pages, if there is a number listed, you'll see the red "Jiminny Call" dropdown on the engagement toolbar. 

  • If there are no numbers associated, this button will be greyed out.
  • Please note: If the company details are collapsed on the Contact page, they will not show. Uncollapse Company details on the left nav to see all associated numbers

Click to dial makes your workflow seamless if you're already working in HubSpot. When you dial, the details of the contact or company are attached to the call. This makes it really simple to log the activity to the right place. 

Calls can be routed through:

  1. the Web (you'll need a headset and reliable Internet connection!)
  2. your mobile phone
  3. your desk phone (if you have one)

Before you Start Dialing

Double check you have these configured: 

  • Setup your Caller ID so your customers know who's calling! 
  • Set your SMS fowarding number - If your company has SMS enabled, the third icon ( 💬) allows you to send text messages. Set your forwarding number in case you get a callback from a text message.

Click-to-Dial Options

1. Calling over the web (VoIP)

Dial through your network connection over the computer (VoIP). This is a good option if you use a headset on your computer, but you'll need a reliable connection for this to work best.

2. Routing through another phone

Your account Administrator will have chosen which of those options are available. Before you place the call, you can tell which are available by the icons. Calls can then be placed in two ways.

Routed through your cell You should already have your mobile number set up in your account profile. 

  • When you click this icon your mobile phone will ring. As soon as you answer, Jiminny will automatically redirect the call to your dialed customer. 
  • To hang-up, you can use "End Call" in the Chrome extension, or the handset itself.

    Note: Your cell phone carrier will not be charged, this is essentially a 3-way call initiated by Jiminny :)

Routed through Desk/Work Phone To accomplish this, you would use the same icon as routing through your mobile, but just change your setup slightly. 

  • Firstly you'll need to set up your desk or work number in your account profile
  • When you click this icon your desk/work phone will ring. As soon as you answer, Jiminny will automatically redirect the call to your dialed customer
  • To hang-up, you can use "End Call" in the Chrome extension, or the handset itself

Search to Dial

On any web page, you can always click the Jiminny icon to slide the extension out. From the Phone menu, just search the contact and click the icon next to the number you wish to dial.

Note, you can't search for companies due to a HubSpot limitation.

Once you've held a call (or left a VM) you should log the activity back to HubSpot.

How are Calls Logged to HubSpot

Once you've ended a call, you'll have an opportunity to log the call details and any required fields directly in the Jiminny sidebar. 

These field selections, any call notes, and a link to the recording will automatically populate in an activity logged to HubSpot. 

Here's any example:

We hope this makes your outbound calling even more seamless. 

Happy dialing!

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