If your Sales Development team leverages Outreach for dialing, Jiminny's integration will pull your recorded Outreach calls into the Jiminny OnDemand library. 

Setting up the Outreach Integration

Required Permissions

To access Jiminny's integrations, the user who integrates must be a Jiminny Owner or Admin. This user who integrates Outreach in Jiminny must have the same email address registered for both applications. This user must have an Admin profile in Outreach or their profile must have calls setting: “All records”.

Toggle On Outreach Integration

In the Jiminny Platform, click your name in the upper right, and go to Organization → Integrations and toggle on the Outreach Integration and accept the associated permissions.

Outreach Mapping

You'll need to add a Salesforce custom field “Outreach_ID” and map it in Salesforce Plug-in via:
Outreach → Tasks Calls → Fields → Id (Outreach internal) - Outreach ID

Please make sure:


What calls do we pull in?

Once the Outreach Integration is connected and the mapping is complete, Jiminny will start to import all outbound calls made in Outreach by Jiminny Users. We also import deactivated users (in Jiminny) calls because they could be later re-activated.

Each hour, we import calls completed during the previous hour into Jiminny OnDemand and the same rules apply as recordings done through Jiminny.

At present, we support 1000 calls per hour.

What calls don't we pull in?

We don’t import the inbound calls because Outreach don’t record them (Outreach knowledge base on recording).

Additionally, we won't import an activity if:

  • the user doesn’t exist in Jiminny
  • there is no recording from Outreach
  • there is no prospect/contact from Outreach

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