Before you begin, the Zoom Integration requires some configuration by a Zoom administrator. You'll also need to be on a Zoom Pro plan or above.

The integration works by streaming your meetings into Jiminny directly. This means you can save on cloud storage costs and get full recording control and compliance out of the box with the native Zoom interface.

Zoom Setup

There's some configuration required in the Zoom settings (you need to be a Zoom administrator to make these changes). If you prefer, you can apply these settings only for Jiminny users by using Groups.

1. Pre-approve Marketplace App

If you're organization requires pre-approval of Zoom apps, you need to pre-approve Jiminny.

Allow Streaming

  1. Visit the Custom Live Streaming section in the Zoom settings
  2. Toggle Allow Live streaming the meetings to on
  3. Check Custom Live Streaming Service to allow Jiminny to stream

2. Configure Recording

Since Jiminny leverages the recording controls, you need to ensure cloud recording is enabled. Also, unless you want a permanent copy of the meetings in both Jiminny and Zoom, we recommend that you delete your recordings from Zoom regularly:

  1. Visit the Recording section in the Zoom settings
  2. Toggle Cloud Recording to on
  3. Scroll down and toggle Auto-delete Cloud Recordings to on
  4. Choose a time range (we advise 7 days)

To ensure the call remains compliant with recording law, we recommend to toggle multiple audio notifications.

Next, let's configure Jiminny!

Jiminny Setup

You'll need to authorize Jiminny to access your Zoom account and install the Jiminny App.

  1. Visit the Profile > Manage > Integrations section in the Jiminny platform.
  2. Click the Zoom logo and authorize Jiminny
  3. You're good to go!
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