You can choose to have your guests receive an email reminder for a scheduled Jiminny meeting.

Turn on Meeting Reminder Email

In your Jiminny Profile, navigate to your Conference settings. Toggle On "Send a meeting reminder email."

How it works

Your guests will receive an email before the scheduled start of a meeting. The email will remind them of your approaching meeting and provide all the information needed to enter the meeting.

When your guest clicks the "Join via Web" button, they are brought directly to your scheduled meeting. 

They don't need to enter their name, email, or any information - that is all captured from joining your conference through the email reminder. 

Set your notification email time

When scheduling your Jiminny meeting, we mirror the notification time on the calendar invite. Here's where you can set how soon before your meeting the email reminder is sent:


Outlook Calendar

Can guests hop in my meeting room early?

To prevent guests from joining an earlier meeting, the generated link in the email reminder is scoped to your exact scheduled meeting. If your previous meeting is running late, your guests will wait in your meeting until you join the scheduled meeting. 

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