Which Zoom plans are supported?

Jiminny supports Pro, Business or Enterprise.

Which Zoom clients are supported?

You can join your meeting from any Zoom client.

How should I use Zoom when recording a meeting to Jiminny?

Here are some best practice tips when recording. 

  1. Make sure you are logged into Zoom so we know who you are 
  2. Have your video switched on where possible 
  3. Use Active Speaker or Full Screen mode only - do not use Gallery View or pin participant tiles

What meetings can you record?

  1. Scheduled meetings you have in your calendar  
  2. Instant meetings that you start 

Can I use my PMI to schedule meetings?

Jiminny will import only one PMI based meeting at a time. This is because by nature, PMIs are not unique. If you start a PMI based meeting, it will always link to the first scheduled invite in your calendar.

Because of this, we strongly recommend you don't use PMIs.

Why did Jiminny not record the first few minutes of the meeting?

Most likely you launched an instant meeting. If the meeting is not in your calendar, Jiminny waits until the first guest joins before setting up the streaming. This process can take a couple of minutes.

If you did schedule the meeting, you need to ensure you schedule it at least 10 minutes before it starts.

Why does Jiminny show the wrong person speaking?

The first thing to check is if Gallery View is used during that moment. This mode is not yet supported. With the integration in beta, we welcome feedback on where to improve. Please use the chat to send in examples.

I want to record to Zoom but not Jiminny.

You are always in control of stopping the stream. If you don't want Jiminny to stream, simply stop it from the Zoom UI by clicking Stop Live Stream.

Do my guests know the meeting is streaming?

Yes they receive normal Zoom recording notifications you have turned on. Plus you and any guests would see the "LIVE" notification.

Can I record Webinars in Jiminny?

Not at this time.

Can I record Zoom Phone calls in Jiminny?

Not at this time.

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