When you install Zoom for Jiminny, your Zoom meetings will automatically stream into the Jiminny platform. Jiminny records, transcribes and analyzes this stream so you can review, coach and improve as a team.

Note: this integration is currently in beta - please send in any feedback!

Installing our App

Before you begin, please ensure your Zoom Administrator has followed our guide. You'll need install the Jiminny App and authorize access to your Zoom account.

  1. Visit the Profile > Manage > Integrations section in the Jiminny platform
  2. Click the Add to Zoom button and authorize Jiminny
  3. You're good to go!

If you get an error message during installation, please ensure you're on a Zoom Pro, Business or Enterprise plan.

Recording Meetings

Jiminny mirrors the cloud recording controls to ensure call recording compliance. If recording is enabled, Jiminny will stream. You can toggle recording on or off and the stream will also toggle on/off. When you're streaming, you'll see a visual like below:

Jiminny configures the streaming on your behalf, so you'll have no extra steps.

When Jiminny streams your meetings, they are not playable live in Jiminny, but will be processed once the meeting ends and can be played roughly an hour later.


When you schedule your meetings via your Google or Office 365 Calendar, make sure you include the Zoom meeting join link in the invite. Jiminny will read the invitees to discover the customer data in your CRM.

Jiminny will configure your meeting around 5 minutes before it's scheduled to start. When your meeting does start, you'll see the streaming immediately.


Your instant meetings can also get streamed. These meetings need a couple of minutes for the streaming to warm up.


When your meeting has ended, we'll start to process the stream. It can take a short time to process, but when it does you'll be able to access all of the coaching features.


If you want to stop streaming your meetings to Jiminny, just remove the App from your Zoom account.

  1. Login to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Navigate to Manage > My Dashboard > Installed Apps
  3. Click Uninstall

Changed your mind? Just follow the installation instructions above.

Anything else?

If you've got any questions, please check out our FAQs or reach out to support.

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