If your Sales Development team leverages Salesloft for dialing, Jiminny's integration will pull your recorded Salesloft calls into the Jiminny OnDemand library.

Required Permissions

To access Jiminny's integrations, the user who integrates must be a Jiminny Owner or Admin. This user must have an Admin profile in Salesloft.


Which calls do we pull in?

Once the Salesloft Integration is connected, Jiminny will start to import all calls made in Salesloft by active Jiminny Users. This includes inbound and outbound calls.

Every 30 minutes, we import calls completed during the previous window into Jiminny OnDemand and the same rules apply as recordings done through Jiminny.

Which calls don't we pull in?

We won't import an activity if:

  • the user who placed/received the call doesn’t exist in Jiminny
  • the call was not recorded
  • the call is less than 30 seconds in length
  • the call is to/from a number not attached to a person in Salesloft
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