Here's a quick guide for setting up your recorded Zoom meetings to automatically stream into Jiminny. 

Connecting your Zoom Account in Jiminny

You can connect your Zoom account in your Jiminny Profile under Integrations

Click add to Zoom and it will bring you to a page to authenticate Jiminny with access to your Zoom account. 

Here's a quick video

Configuring your Zoom Settings

Once you've connected your Zoom account, you want to ensure your Zoom settings are configured so Jiminny can stream your meetings. 

Follow along with the video below in your Zoom settings page.

You can see the fill list of settings to configure in our Zoom Setup for Admins article.

Jiminny Streaming in Zoom

Jiminny will instantly join your scheduled Zoom meetings once these settings have been configured. 

You'll see Jiminny streaming in Zoom like below:

Jiminny will also stream unscheduled Zoom meetings but will take about a minute to join an impromptu meeting. 

Zoom Meetings in Jiminny

Zoom meetings will stream into your Jiminny recent activity and will be searchable in your OnDemand library. 

You'll have all the awesome tools to share, search the transcript, see engagement stats, or score cards for your Zoom meetings in Jiminny.

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