We want to help you have the best online experience possible whether in the office or at home so here’s some tips to help you out.

Close your tabs for better call quality 👍
Each tab (especially Google Sheets/ YouTube) pulls bandwidth from your conference or phone calls. With your tabs shut down you’ll have a sharper video quality. We recommend OneTab, it condenses all your open tabs into a list that can be reopened one by one or in its entirety - it’s a real game changer! 

Use headphones for a better audio experience 🎧
Speaking directly into your computer can cause a tinny audio and your guest could end up hearing a lot of background noise. Use headphones, 'noise cancelling' if possible, for the best audio quality. 

Be aware of your connection strength  📶
We show you and your guest the strength of your wifi connection.  Watch for  a ‘low number of red bars’ signalling you have a weak connection, if this happens you may want to reconnect for a stronger signal. Using a web based conference is a bit like using your phone, sometimes you have a poor signal and refreshing your browser can pick up a stronger connection and solve the problem.

Dial in by phone 📞
If you’ve tried re-connecting and your signal is really poor, the next best option is to dial into your meeting with your phone. This can provide a more secure line, not impacted by wifi dips. You can still have your camera on as normal :) 

To dial in you can either:

  • Or call your dial in number

Look after your laptop 💻
Turn your laptop off at night. It needs rest just like us plus any updates can run and any temporary files stored within the day are removed, freeing up space.

Ethernet solves all
Many connectivity issues faced are caused by the nature of WiFi, by switching to using ethernet you remove these issues. More info on this here.

The Jiminny team is here to support you - anytime that you need us just use the support bubble on your Jiminny platform 😊

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