Jiminny Sidekick for Zoom is designed with one thing in mind - to make Zoom calls work for sales & service teams. Jiminny Sidekick works alongside Zoom to ensure an easier workflow and better data in the CRM - it's win, win!

How does Sidekick help log my Zoom meetings?

The Sidekick will appear at the Start and End of your Zoom meetings as default. It will pre-populate with your attendees information to make logging your activity even easier. It's key functions are:

  • to allow you to take time stamped notes throughout your meeting
  • to allow you to log your Zoom meeting to the CRM in just a few clicks

The Sidekick will pop at the beginning so you can take time stamped notes and again at the end for easy logging to your CRM.

What are time stamped notes?

Save yourself valuable time. Instead of having to remember all important parts of a call to write up and log later, you can take time stamped notes during your Zoom meetings. These notes are automatically logged to your CRM and into Jiminny for easy reference. 🙌

Can I change my Sidekick settings?

You can change your Sidekick settings anytime in your Jiminny platform under 'Profile' -> 'Integrations'.

Can I take advantage of the note taking in Sidekick if it is my co-workers Zoom meeting?

Yes, you can! Jiminny recognizes that both of you are from your company so pops the Sidekick for both of you. This means you can both take time stamped during the meeting. So if one of you is demo-ing, the other can still be capturing the important information.

Does Sidekick work with a Zoom PMI link?

Jiminny Sidekick will still pop at the Start and End of meetings for notes and easy CRM logging. The only difference is that we may not be able to pre-populate the fields based on the attendees in the invite. In this case, you either need to stop using PMI or to add in the details yourself.

What happens if I quit Sidekick before logging my Zoom meeting?

No problem - you can still log your activity. We will send you an email reminder to log your activity if you forget to do so. Just click the link and the Sidekick will pop.

You can also go in to Jiminny at any time and log any calls that you have not logged using the log to CRM button on Playback.

If you have any other questions or feedback reach out to us here.

For more information on our Zoom integration click here.

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