There are plenty of methods to schedule a meeting in Zoom. The host has the power to control the options for their scheduled meetings except for the settings where the group administrator has locked for all the users in the account or for all the members of the respective group.

How to schedule a Zoom meeting in your Google Calendar?

In order to get a unique Zoom link to populate in your Google Calendar, you should integrate your Zoom with it. This should be done by firstly installing the Google Calendar Add-on. You can find a full guide on Zoom's website. Once you install and login in the extension, it will appear on the top right corner of your browser.

Afterwards, simply open your Google Calendar and choose a time slot.

Proceed with setting up a meeting name, adding guests, reminder, etc. Finally, click the button "Make it a Zoom Meeting". By choosing this option, the meeting ID and a direct link to it will be automatically generated.

Important notes: Try avoiding using the Personal Meeting ID, this could affect the Jiminny <> Zoom integration. You can toggle this off in your Zoom Profile settings.

Scheduling a Zoom meeting using the desktop app

You can download the Zoom desktop app for your device from here. Once you install the client and log in with your email, you will see the main control panel.

You can schedule start an instant meeting, join an existing one, schedule or start a sharing screen session. Simply choose the "Schedule" option and enter your meeting details.

Important note: Please make sure to avoid the Personal Meeting ID and also choose a calendar where the meeting would have to appear.

By clicking "Schedule", the client will open the respective calendar and you will be able to set the meeting.

Scheduling via Outlook

You are able to schedule a meeting via Outlook. For that purpose, you should download the Zoom for Outlook add-in from the download center. The steps for creating the meeting are the same as per the those using Google Calendar. You can find the full guide here.

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