Here is a brief overview of how Jiminny will work for you and your meeting guests.

Plug-in free browsers that work with Jiminny

If using a modern browser, it is very simple with no download required.

  • Chrome 64 and above
  • Safari 11 and above 

*Edge 15 will have no download from second half of 2018

Browsers which need a plug-in (Desktop App)

If using an older browser including, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera, guests must download a Desktop App. On entering the meeting via the Web, the App will automatically download and launch when it detects an older browser being used. If the App fails to download, manual installation will be required.

Mobile and Tablet

Screen share to tables on iOS  is live on iPad browsers Chrome and Safari.
We don't yet support access from a mobile browsers yet. We are launching our first iOS and Android App in 2019.

Screen Sharing

For guests who wish to share their screen, a small browser plugin is required for Chrome users. They'll be prompted to install it with a single click when trying to share for the first time. For the viewers, no plugin is required.


Guests who would like to share their webcam stream or view other streams do not require any additional plugins or downloads.

We hope this helps

The Jiminny team

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