While you can always start an instant meeting on Jiminny, we know most meetings are scheduled in advance. But how do you get your meeting details into the calendar invite?

Using our Chrome Extension, this is really simple to do!

Scheduling with the Jiminny integration

When you joined Jiminny, you should have downloaded the Jiminny Chrome extension during the onboarding process. If not, you can download the extension in the Chrome Web Store here.

You'll need to log into the extension with your Google work email to complete the calendar integration.

Now, when you go to create an event in your Google Calendar, a new option will appear. If you don't see it, give your browser a refresh ;)

Click Make this a Jiminny meeting and your conference details will be inserted into the meeting invite.

Can I change my invite?

Yes! You don't even need to click the Jiminny button for us to recognize your event as a Jiminny meeting. As long as it's on your calendar with your Jiminny meeting URL somewhere in the Location or Description, we'll still sync this as a Jiminny meeting.


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