If you have future meetings set up in your calendar, you should update the event with your new Jiminny conference details.

Google Calendar

  1. Use Google Calendar search to locate relevant meetings
  2. Delete the old dial-in details
  3. Click Make this a Jiminny meeting
  4. Click the red Save button
  5. If prompted "Would you like to send updates to existing guests?" click Send

Office 365 for Web

  1. In the top left you'll need to search for relevant meetings
  2. Click each meeting and the Edit button
  3. Delete the old dial-in details
  4. Click the Jiminny icon to insert your meeting details
  5. Click Save

Outlook for Desktop

The exact steps may vary between platform and version of Outlook.

  1. You'll need to open Calendar view by pressing ⌘ + 2 on a Mac or ctrl + 2 on Win
  2. Use the Search bar in the top-right to find your meeting
  3. Double-click the meeting to open it
  4. Delete any old dial-in details
  5. Click the Add a Jiminny Meeting icon
  6. Click Send Update on the left

Once meeting details are updated, Jiminny will automatically import and you're all set.

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