We aim to provide the best audio experience possible. A wide range of circumstances can affect audio (many of them outside our control), but following our guide should eliminate most of them.

There is an echo

If dialed in by Web Audio:

  • For the best experience, always plug in a headset which should eliminate any echo on your end of the call. If there is still an echo, ask your guests to do the same.
  • If you don't have a headset, try to lower the speaker volume which should reduce the feedback between your computer's speakers and microphone, and prevent others from hearing themselves when they speak.

If dialed in by Telephone:

  • If a physical conference room with a speakerphone is being used, make sure nobody else in the room has another active connection to the conference.
  • If you are using a hand-held device like a mobile or desk phone, it's unlikely you are generating any echo.

The person speaking sounds robotic or with choppy audio

If dialed in by Web Audio:

  • They could have a bad connection. Tell them to toggle once between the Phone and the Web Audio options to restart the audio.
  • It could be an Internet bandwidth issue. Suggest they close any other web pages they have open, including file sharing and music and video streaming. If their Internet connection is still too slow, they may need to use the Phone option.

If dialed in by Telephone:

  • They could be on a cellular, mobile or cordless phone. Suggest they move to another location with better reception, find another phone to use, or try the Web Audio option if they can.
  • They could have a bad connection. Ask them to hang up and call in again.
  • They could be on a speakerphone and either getting interference or not talking directly into the phone's mic. Ask them to use a handset or headset instead.

I’m hearing feedback (static, beeping, clicking)

It's most likely coming from someone's smartphone. Ask everyone to turn them off.

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