Jiminny provides several domestic dial-in numbers for overseas callers. You'll find these within a Web conference by clicking Audio Options > Phone. They will also appear for your guests on the Join page of your conference room where you will find the most up to date list.

How does it work?

Your guest will need to look up their local number, for example, 06-880 2000 for New Zealand. When they dial, an automated announcement will request them to enter your full conference number followed by the # key.

  1. Dial 06-880 2000
  2. Enter 6171231234#

We'll route the guest to your conference through the telephone network and they'll enter your conference as normal.

Calendar Invites

If you're sending a meeting invite out using the Chrome extension, this information will automatically appear in the meeting details. You can also provide the relevant number here but remember to include the instructions above.

If we are lacking a number for a specific country, please get in touch and we will do our best to acquire one.

Remember, guests can always dial in from anywhere with a reliable internet connection using the Web Audio option in the conference.

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