If you are running a presentation or demo, it's easy to share your screen with other web conference guests. Both you and your guests will require a quality internet connection.

Sharing your Screen

On the left-hand nav, just click Share Screen. You'll be able to choose to share an individual application or the entire screen. Once you've made a selection, your guests will be asked if they wish to view. 

Please note that:

  • Only one person can share their screen at a time
  • The organizer needs to be present for the screen-share feature to be enabled¬†
  • You can see which guests are viewing by the "eye" icon next to their name
  • Sharing a screen starts the meeting if you've not dialed in with voice
  • For privacy reasons you may wish choose to share an application e.g. Keynote and not the entire screen

To end you screen-share session, just click the Stop Sharing icon in the left-hand nav.

Viewing a Screen

When another guest shares their screen, you will automatically view their stream.


If you wish to view the screen maximized, click the full-screen icon in the top right.

To exit, press the escape key or the minimize icon (usually in the bottom right).


If you need to access conference controls, for example, to hangup the call or mute yourself as the organizer, click the down arrow to shrink the screen.

Clicking the same arrow will restore the screen to normal size.

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