When you log an activity, Jiminny will automatically create an engagement in HubSpot. It will be logged in different ways depending on the activity type:

  • Text Messages will log as Notes
  • Dialer Calls will log as Calls
  • Conferences will log as Meetings

Where do we log?

You'll see everything in HubSpot on the relevant record(s):

Contacts and Companies

If you're logging from the dialer, you can log against whichever record you dialed.

If you're logging in the conference, you can only log to a contact due to a HubSpot limitation.


If you select a Deal, the activity will also appear there. Note: you can't log to a Deal unless you've dialed a Company.

What gets logged?

The activity will include the following fields:

  • Call or Meeting type (e.g. Discovery Call) [HubSpot Professional and above only]
  • Outcome (e.g. Left voicemail) [Dialer calls only]
  • Attendee list
  • Duration of call
  • Link back to Playback in Jiminny
  • Summary notes
  • Meeting notes (timestamped, if provided)
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