Within your organization you will have different teams, for example:

  • SDRs
  • Account Execs
  • Success (Canada)

These can be mirrored in Jiminny to help segment your users and assign different preferences. Each team is assigned a Manager who is responsible for inviting their people and configuring those preferences.

The Account Owner should start by inviting Managers who can follow these steps:

  1. Visit Organization > Manage > Teams
  2. Click the New Team button in the top-right

Please provide the following information:

  • Name - a clear descriptive name of the team .e.g Inbound Sales
  • Owner - select the manager of the team
  • Playbook - the playbook they will use (can be changed later if not yet setup)
  • Country - the geo of the team, this impacts telco settings
  • Language - the language (for now only US English is supported)
  • Color - click to choose a color to be used for avatars
  • Timezone - default time zone, users can change this individually

Next, you should invite your users and get them on board!


Who should belong to a Team?

Only your standard users need to be assigned to a team. The account owner, administrators, managers or billing users can remain outside of a team.

Can a user belong to more than one Team?

No, at the moment we only support a simple hierarchy.

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