For your team to provide objective feedback to each other, you need to decide how each type of activity is scored.

When someone coaches an activity, they will score each component individually with a grade between 1-5 and an optional note. The grades will be averaged and feed into key metrics for that activity type, rep and the team as a whole.

For example, a Cold Call might be scored on the following criteria:

  1. Articulating Why We Reached Out
  2. Articulating How We Help
  3. Overcome Objections
  4. Differentiate Against The Competition
  5. Mirror The Prospect
  6. Close The Next Step

These criteria are a great way for your team to know what's expected during each step of the playbook. They may be something you already have, or you can start with the examples above. You can fine tune your criteria as follows:

  1. Visit Organization > Manage > Playbooks
  2. Choose the relevant Playbook and select Activity Types
  3. For each Activity Type, select Scoring Criteria
  4. You can now Add Scoring Criteria in the top right or Edit an existing record

Provide the following information:

  • Name - a clear descriptive name of the criteria .e.g Close The Next Step
  • Enabled - you can toggle this off if you no longer score by it

By clicking the Criteria Order button, you can also drag each type up and down to better represent the sequence. We'll preserve this order in lists.

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