Jiminny will give permissions to each user based on the roles they need to perform. The bulk of your people will be a User but when you invite them, you'll decide which role is most suitable. We've included a list starting from the top with most permissions.

Account Owner

Each Jiminny account will require an owner. They will have full permissions and total control over all settings and configuration.


You may require administrators to perform functions such as setting up teams, configuring integrations or just checking reports. They are also able to manage billing.


Team leaders can invite their people, offer coaching, join calls live and view insights


Your reps and success people who will be using the telco and coachable features.


External coaches or other departmental stakeholders, such as Product Managers may be invited to listen back to calls and be able to coach. 

Billing* (coming soon!)

Your finance team will be able to download invoices and configure billing settings.

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