Sometimes a guest may have difficulty joining, or you may just require it as part of your workflow (e.g. Discovery-Demos). With Jiminny, you can make joining conference calls as simple as picking up the phone.

Once you've connected audio or dialed yourself in, just click Invite Guest in the bottom left had corner of your conference room.

You can type the number using your keyboard (or copy and paste from your CRM) and click Invite.

Important things to note:

  • The dialpad is for navigating switchboards or entering extensions
  • International numbers will need the correct prefix e.g. +44. The Caller ID will match your conference number unless you have setup a custom Caller ID.
  • Their phone will ring, and as soon as they answer will join your conference. Note, no announcement will be made so be sure to comply with any call recording regulations!
  • If they miss the call or for whatever reason don't answer, we'll notify you in the conference with a message explaining why. 
  • Please note, call-outs do not support participants in some international countries and certain prefixes.

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