When you summarize an activity, Jiminny will automatically create a task (or event) in Salesforce. It will be logged in different ways depending on the activity type. For your convenience, Jiminny pre-selects the correct fields based on who joined the meeting.

Where do we log?

You'll see everything under Activity History on the relevant Salesforce object(s):

Logging a Lead

The activity will simply be logged under the lead itself.

Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities

If your activity is with several people on an account, you can just choose to log it directly under that. If you are speaking with a single contact or stakeholder, select them when you log.

If you select an opportunity, the activity will also appear there. 

What gets logged?

The activity will include the following fields:

  • Activity type (e.g. Discovery Call)
  • Attendee list
  • Duration of call
  • Link back to Playback in Jiminny
  • Summary notes
  • Meeting notes (timestamped, if provided)
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